Happy Holidays from Hello Techo – Fun with CSS

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How To Create a Simple Gantt Chart with Google Sheets

Gantt Chart in Google DocsHere’s a little trick to make a super-basic Gantt Chart / timeline graph using Google Sheets. Continue reading

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Magento Send Email Via SendGrid

SendGrid’s documentation suggest using the ASchroder.com SMTP Pro Email free extension, but for some reason it didn’t want to install even though it supports the Magento version I have. After a little digging it turns out that there is one … Continue reading

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Ubuntu extracting SFX “No such file or directory”

I ran into a problem this morning trying to get a IE10 VM from Microsoft to extract and install. It turns out that the sfx files require 32bit libraries to extract, so you have to install the following libraries: You … Continue reading

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CF Quick Tip: Lower case structure keys

Note: This article originally appeared on tedparton.com on 03/10/2013 Recently I needed to return a JSON representation of a ColdFusion structure, but I needed one of the Key’s to be all lower case. I knew that CF natively uppercase’s Key … Continue reading

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