I was the Chief Architect at echo (echomusic) from 2003-2009. While there I had the privilege of leading the tech team and working along side the brightest LAMP developers, tech professionals and business minds in the entertainment industry.

We innovated. We optimized. We scaled. We hosted 300+ entertainment clients and managed over 33 million end-users. We amassed much know-how through our trials. We were the echo dev team.

We continue to share tips, tricks, and stories with each other (post-echo). We’ve decided it’s time to give back to the community and share with the rest of the world.

$echo = new Company('echo');

$echo->addTalent( array(
   'mark'    => 'montgomery',
   'doli'    => 'stepniewski',
   'charlie' => 'palmer',
   'brett'   => 'garland',
   'anton'   => 'visser',
   'rich'    => 'deppisch',
   'eric'    => 'bradford',
   'dale'    => 'liszka',
   'joe'     => 'kustelski',
   'geoff'   => 'alday',
   'ethan'   => 'zuhl',
   'tamara'  => 'baxt clemmons',
   'ted'     => 'parton',
   'paul'    => 'shoemaker',
   'nathan'  => 'hoeft',
   'liz'     => 'carrier'


$techo = $echo->getKnowledge()->__toString();


echo $techo;