CF Quick Tip: Lower case structure keys

Note: This article originally appeared on on 03/10/2013
Recently I needed to return a JSON representation of a ColdFusion structure, but I needed one of the Key’s to be all lower case. I knew that CF natively uppercase’s Key names, but figured there had to be a way to change this.

It turns out that you can make the key value all lower case, or even mixed case, the trick is to enter it like a named array element. Here’s an example:

<!---  Create initial recordset --->
<cfset variables.structElementTest = structNew() />

<!--- Artist 1 --->
<cfset structElementTest.band1 = "MUSE" />
<cfset structElementTest["band1_website"] = "" />

<!--- Artist 2 --->
<cfset structElementTest["band2"] = "Radiohead" />
<!--- Mixed case --->
<cfset structElementTest["BaNd2_website"] = "" />

<!--- Dump the results --->
<cfdump var="#variables.structElementTest#" label="Structure Element Test" expand="true">

Example Dump:

Heck, try it for yourself, I have whipped up a simple example page: Lowercase Structure Keys Example

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